ESCD's specialists have a wide range knowledge about IT security, forensics and investigation. If your company has any special counselling or urgent needs feel free to contact ESCD for a non-committing discussion. Telephone: +45 71991919

Counseling & Special services

ESCD offers in-house workshops with live demonstrations of attacks. The workshops addresses the most common cyber threats your company faces. The workshops are designed to raise awareness on how vulnerable your company’s data is for potential theft and it can be tailored to every need

Awareness workshop

ESCD offers to design different types of e-mail attacks, with the purpose of raising awareness about employees’ vulnerability to specific types of attacks. This will severely enhance employees’ robustness when facing future phishing attacks, as well as strengthen the company’s overall resilience.


Phishing campaigns

ESCD offers to test the company's security perimeter, both the physical and the human vector. ESCD uses social engineering with technical elements to obtain access to critical company infrastructure.


Red Team

EAGLE SHARK CYBER DEFENCE (ESCD) offers specialist advice and solutions in all areas of IT security. Our core areas are: Pentests, Phishing/Awareness campaigns and workshops, IT Investigations & forensics and special IT security incidents/requests.




Our staff

The ESCD staff has a wide range of profiles, all with expertise in IT security and network threats. Most of our staff has a background from military/defence sector or law enforcement. Primary area of expertise includes: IT Security, Pentesting, IT Infrastructure and Monitoring, Risk Management, OSINT, Investigations/Forensics and Social Engineering



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ESCD offers IT investigations and forensics. Is your company targeted in a hacking campaign or did the company have a disgruntled employee stealing intellectual property, ESCD will help with any forensic and investigations in order to create a police report or any further actions.

IT Investigation & Forensics

EAGLE SHARK CYBER DEFENCE; IT Awareness workshop film

ESCD offers penetration test of companies’ internal networks, because the best way to know how intruders will actually approach your network, is to simulate real-world internal and external attacks, under controlled conditions.