ESCD’s clients rely on us as much for our discretion as for our critical response capabilities. To keep our client’s information secure, ESCD has co-developed an encrypted communication platform between the client and ourselves. We also make this same secure communications platform available for our clients to use themselves for conducting business with the maximum confidentiality possible. This is an essential tool for senior management and board members to be able to freely discuss strategic matters safely.

‍‍‍Secure communication

ESCD offers in house workshops, which show a live hacking of one of your devices, and address the biggest cyber threats your company faces. The workshops is designed to raise awareness on how vulnerable your company’s data is for potential theft and it can be tailored to every need of swerves such as CEO Fraud, data protection regulation, datacenter attacks and much more. The workshops provide education about what measures can be taken to limit or eliminate these vulnerabilities.

Awareness workshop

ESCD offers to design different types of e-mail attacks, with the purpose of raising awareness about employees’ vulnerability to specific types of attacks. This will severely enhance employees’ robustness when facing future phishing attacks, as well as strengthen the company’s overall resilience.

Phishing camp‍‍‍aign

ESCD offers penetration test of companies’ internal networks, because the best way to know how intruders will actually approach your network, is to simulate real-world internal and external attacks, under controlled conditions.



ESCD offers to train IT-personnel in detecting, identifying and handling cyber-attacks. This will enhance the company’s ability to counter cyber-attacks and secure evidence for further investigation. The company will also learn how to withstand an actually attack by hackers as well as take legal actions against criminal behaviors.

Defence Game

EAGLE SHARK CYBER DEFENCE (ESCD) offers specialist advice and solutions in all areas of IT security. Our expertise services include Penetration-Tests, Phishing campaigns, Defence Games, Counter surveillance and Awareness Workshops.‍‍‍

Our profe‍‍‍ssionals

With our experienced IT Specialists, we can keep our clients safe.

The company management, is educated as "Ethical Hackers" and has comprehensive experience in overall IT security. Also a broad knowledge and understanding when it comes to Security Vendors, the threat landscape; GDPR / Regulatory, hacker tools, network, infrastructure and social behaviour.

‍‍‍Our team is trained and educated as: Ethical Hackers, forensic analysts, OSINT specialists, social engineering agents and are certified Information System Security Professionals.‍‍‍


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ESCD offers to test if spyware has been installed on your mobile and computer devices, and remove it. We also offer to detect and remove social media surveillance, backdoors listener’s physical equipment and other forms of not invited surveillance gear. This will detect if criminals are attempting to steal classified information from the company, -and prevent them from doing so.

‍‍‍Counter surveillance

EAGLE SH‍‍‍ARK CYBER DEFENCE IT Awareness workshop video